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Take Care of Your Roof Repair

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Roof damage can be caused by several things, including storms and daily wear and tear. Ideal Restoration of KY is here to help you restore your roof in Frankfort, Georgetown & Lexington, KY. We'll take care of your roof leak repair so you don't have to stress about it anymore. We also fix broken shingles and vents. No matter what problems you're having, we'll work to find a solution for you.

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When should you schedule a repair?

Roof damage can lead to a lot of significant problems, so it's important to take care of the repairs as quickly as possible. Ideal Restoration of KY offers 24-hour service to fix leaks and other damage fast.

We recommend scheduling a roof repair if...

  • Your roof is leaking.
  • Shingles are missing.
  • A hailstorm dented your roof.

Dealing with an annoying roof leak? Repair it today with help from Ideal Restoration of KY in Frankfort, Georgetown & Lexington, KY.